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Sailing is Fun

posted Jul 20, 2009, 11:52 AM by Robert Murphy

Finally got around to taking the aspirant back-up crew out for a sail on Saturday. I've been out of town the last three weekends so I was feeling a bit rusty. But it was sunny and breezy and a very nice day, if you managed to ignore the considerable boat chop. Nice to be reminded that sailing is really quite pleasant sometimes. Second day of the summer series is Saturday and the crew has checked in to report that he'll be making his way down from upstate NY to participate. Should be interesting given the screwy standings the first day left us with. 

Just for the record.

posted Jun 23, 2009, 8:29 AM by Robert Murphy

It was windy on Saturday, not super crazy "oh my god we're all gonna die" windy, but it was blowing. How much? A guy at EYC told me it topped out at 18 knots, which seemed feasible to me, but a couple of Lightning sailors weren't buying it. Well, it blew 18 knots, on the nose at the Naval Academy at 2:22 pm. 


posted Jun 23, 2009, 7:53 AM by Robert Murphy   [ updated Jun 23, 2009, 8:52 AM ]

Well, race committee appears to have given us the nod for second place in the first race last week. One-forty-one (callsign "Shiteater") and I were both under the impression that he'd slipped over first, perhaps by the tip of his spinnaker pole (if I'd been thinking I would have had Van at least stick mine out to get closer to the line, but then I can rarely manage to sail and think). 

Can't say as I agree with RC but they had a better view than we did so I suppose we'll take the point. 

Sailing happened.

posted Jun 22, 2009, 11:29 AM by Robert Murphy

Brief season recap. First time out there was too much wind. No sailing. Second time out there was too little wind. No sailing, but we did get to get towed around on the water for three hours. Third time out we started sailing. Yay. But then a thunderstorm rolled in and it got called of. No sailing. Boo. 

But wait... there's more, Race Committee decided to have pity on us and let us go back out after the storm cleared.  The wind, which had gone away, filled back in to maybe 13-14 knots and racing resumed.  It was hectic and manic and terrifying, and we almost dumped the boat half a dozen times, but my newbie crew and I managed to keep the boat upright and get it around the course enough times to finish two out of three races (before said crew had to call it quits). As four of the other boats had already bagged it, we grabbed two third places and one eighth. Kudos to Van for learning how to sail in the middle of racing. The end. 

An Ignoble Beginning... and Next Beginning...

posted May 22, 2009, 2:31 PM by Robert Murphy

So, 102 has been splashed and sailed and is still in one piece, that's the good news.  The skipper has a case of the "oh dear god why is this boat so small and the sea so big's" that he has to get over however.  Sailing last saturday was shortlived and poorly executed, but we were well prepared for racing on Sunday, which is to say that we were well prepared for sailing to be called off so's we could all sit around and drink beer whilst talking big about how we woulda totally gone sailing without batting an eye if not for the yellow bellied race committee. Such is life.

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