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Sailing happened.

posted Jun 22, 2009, 11:29 AM by Robert Murphy
Brief season recap. First time out there was too much wind. No sailing. Second time out there was too little wind. No sailing, but we did get to get towed around on the water for three hours. Third time out we started sailing. Yay. But then a thunderstorm rolled in and it got called of. No sailing. Boo. 

But wait... there's more, Race Committee decided to have pity on us and let us go back out after the storm cleared.  The wind, which had gone away, filled back in to maybe 13-14 knots and racing resumed.  It was hectic and manic and terrifying, and we almost dumped the boat half a dozen times, but my newbie crew and I managed to keep the boat upright and get it around the course enough times to finish two out of three races (before said crew had to call it quits). As four of the other boats had already bagged it, we grabbed two third places and one eighth. Kudos to Van for learning how to sail in the middle of racing. The end.